Weird But Wonderful Colorado Attractions

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We make tracks to Colorado and take in its towering alpine peaks, snow dusted landscapes, and spectacularly odd tourist attractions. In fact, this just might be the strangest place we’ve encountered yet:

1.Buckskin Joe’s Live Hangings: Cannon City, Colorado

The death penalty has long been a fixture of American justice, and here you can witness a live hanging, then snap a photo of the unfortunate victim as he swings lifelessly from his noose. The perfect post card to send home to mom. If your jaw just dropped in horror, relax, the hangings are merely the dramatic climax of a 3 minute Wild West show, showing us how justice was once restored in the frontier. If you didn’t get the full essence of the public execution experience the first time around, you can always hang around for another. The shows run every 30 minutes.

2. Junkrassic Park: Cheraw, Colorado

Behold, a land where objects fashioned out of recycled metal farm implements roam free. It may not sound like a premise for a blockbuster movie, but it’s none the less a place worth digging in to. Fortunate park visitors will encounter a colorful collection of twisted metal species including re-creations of Fidel Castro, John Wayne and Colorado football legend John Elway. Finish off your tour by sharing a romantic kiss in front of the 40 foot Eiffel Tower replica. Bring along a baguette and a bottle of wine, and you’ll think its the real thing.

3. Two Floor Outhouse: Crested Bute, Colorado

When you gotta go, you gotta go to Crested Bute’s split level outhouse; one bathroom on the bottom floor and one on the top. Engineered to weather the heavy snowfalls of the Colorado winter, this local landmark has stood tall since the mid 1800′s, a relic of the town’s contributions to toilet innovation. While you are free to wonder the bathroom’s 1st and 2nd floors, we recommend you stay out of the basement.

4. Buckhorn Exchange Restaurant: Denver, Colorado

Come on down to Denver’s Buckhorn Restaurant and dine with friends, family and over 500 dead animals. While the stuffed bison, elk, and pheasants can’t actually talk to you, they will make for an evening of great conversation. The true novelty is that just about anything you see stuck to the wall, can be ordered for dinner. Just imagine biting into a juicy buffalo burger while waving to his stuffed cousin above. “Hi Buffalo Bill, your cousins delicious!”

5. Colorado’s “Cannibal Trail”: Denver, Colorado

Meet Alfred Packer, a former mining prospector and cannibal, with a taste for gold and human flesh. While he passed away over 100 years ago, his unsavory legacy remains fresh. Accused of killing and eating at least five fellow humans, several Colorado attractions now pay homage to Packer along the Cannibal trail; including museums, a grave site and yes even a café (though human was yet on the menu). After being acquitted of his alleged crimes because of a technicality, Packer ironically became a vegetarian. Proof positive of the human ability to change.


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